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Dimitris Pantelias was born in 1973 in Athens(Greece).In 1998 he moves to

the Netherlands in order to continue his musical education at the conservatory of Utrecht.

He studied saxophone with Piet Noordijk,Toon Roos & Marc Scholten and graduated in 2003.During his studies he had lessons and followed masterclasses with Ernie Watts, Michael Brecker, Andy Sheppard, John Taylor , Melvin Davies , Don Braden.
Since 1995,he has participated in many musical projects & bands (jazz, rock, reggae, African, latin, dance, electro), collaborating with a multitude of musicians and composers from various parts of the world.
In 2004 he forms Dimitris Pantelias Group and performs his compositions and elaborate arrangements of the standart jazz repertoire in the Netherlands& Germany and in the same year he performs at the
North Sea Jazz festival playing 1st tenor with the HKU(Utrecht Conservatory) Big band.
In 2006,together with four of the finest musicians of Colonge, he records his first full album,''the room upstairs'',released by MDM Music in Germany and performs in Bulgaria at the Bansko jazz festival.
Since September 2006, Dimitris Pantelias lives and works in Athens Greece.
He appears live in festivals(Cinnamonfestival 2008-in duo with Günter Sommer- , Kalamata jazz 2010, Tinos jazz 2010)
& in various clubs and bars in Athens and other greek cities with his trio "Hollow Earth",in duets with guitar,piano or bass,solo and with dj's. On April 2011 he toured the baltic states with the internationall trio Spiral Vortex (Marcel Kroemker-bass, Artis Orubs-drums, D.Pantelias-saxes).In August 2012 he records with Spiral Vortex their first cd in Riga Latvia.


Dimitris Pantelias group -the room upstairs- mrd music/ toca records (2006 Germany)
ZacF - A night at the port- the sound of everything (2007 Greece)
Jazznovation -jazznovation- the sound of everything (2008 Greece)
Digital Alchemist – fuga magica – mole records (2010 Germany)
Spiral Vortex trio-the weaver-cantina records (2012 Holland)

Stelios Hatzikaleas quintet-urban stories-Ankh Music (2013 Greece)



Born in 1981 in Germany, Marcel Krömker began at the age of 6 with classical guitar lessons. The double bass training in classical and jazz music began at the age of 15.

For two years he attended a workshop given by the famous American Jazz drummer Douglus Sides (played with Hank Jones, Joe Henderson, Johny Griffin).

 Marcel was invited by the National Youth Orchestra and BuJazzo. He received two first prizes and several prizes at Youth Jazz Competition and a first prize at the famous Youth Music Competition, between 1999 and 2001.

Lessons with David Friedman, as well as Masterclasses among others with Bobby McFerrin, Avi Shai Cohen, John Rocco, Joey Baron, Kenny Werner, John Scofield, Terry Lynn Carington, Richard Bona and the bassists Drew Gress, Mike Richmond (Miles Davis), Martin Wind (Pat Metheny) and John Clayton (Count Basie) followed during his studies at the Conservatorium van Amsterdam and the Jazz Institute Berlin.

Some of his musical highlights are: concerts with Nils Landgreen, Tony Lakatos, Tino Derado, Changuito (9 Grammy-awards), Pernell Saturnino, Michael Moore, Jasper Blom, Leni Stern.

Between 2007 and 2011 he took part in numerous tours and record releases by well-known labels such as Traumton, ACT and Laika with Pär Lammers Trio, Chris Gall Trio feat. Enik, Ed Kröger Quintet,  Mr. EART.

Marcel Krömker performed in venues and festivals  all over the world, in Europe, China, Korea, UAE, Africa/Marocco, South America and the United States.


He is a regular member playing double bass and electric bass of the following bands:


FLEUR DE LYS: Marie Seferian-Voice

SEBASTIAN SCHUNKE GROUP: Sebastian Schunke-Piano, Dan Freeman-Saxophone, Diego Pinera-Drums

DIEGO PINERA QUARTETT: Tino Derado - Piano, Robbi Gerken - Percussion, feat. Tony Lakatos - Sax

PÄR LAMMERS TRIO: Pär Lammers - Piano, Benni Wellenbeck - Drums  

LEASH: Ilja Köster - Voice, Marc Goldschmitz - Guitar, Maik Bzdziuch – Drums

MAJOR PINS: Gad Kat - Voice+Keys, Lorenz Hunziker – Drum

SPIRAL VORTEX TRIO: Dimitris Pantelias-saxophones/compositions, Artis Orubs-drums

DANIEL STAWINSKY QUARTET: Daniel Stawinsky - Piano, Philip Gropper - Sax, Diego Pinera - Drums




Sebastian Schunke Quartet - Life and Death - Timba Records

Diego Pinera Group - Octason Record

In Progress

Leash - We Have To Talk

Major Pins

Daniel Stavinskys- Clave- Azul Records

Previous Years:

Pär Lammers Trio - Komm doch vorbei / Hinten rechts der Regen / All die bunten Schafe - Traumton Records

Mr Eart - Neugklang Records

Ed Kröger Quintett - Laika Records

Chris Gall Trio feat. Enik – Act Records

Artis Orubs was born May 4, 1983, Riga, Latvia. Main influence and guide in his first musical steps where lead by his father - drummer ,Indris Orubs ( Odis ) witch gave him possibility to develop his drum
gene just being around  good music and different musical circumstances such as rehearsals, live concerts, and studio recordings.

Important  impact in development of  this young gentleman was classical percussion studies
(marimba, xylophone, vibraphone, snare drum, timpani ) at special school of music in the name of  E.Darzins ( 1991 - 2001 ) under the guidance of Dzintra Knābe.
At age of 13 Artis starts to play in drum & percussion tandem together with his father in blues band( Dr Bormentol ) and forms rock steady beat foundation. From there on he gets involved in different
professional musical activities such as touring, live performances and studio recordings as sideman and leader, all around the Baltics for next several years. In 2002 he moves to Amsterdam to expand his musical and topographical territory.
Currently Artis lives in Riga and Amsterdam and is being active in performing, session work, arranging producing ,concert organizing through all europe and middle east and holds on teaching position in
jazz department of Latvian music academy.

Performed with : Dr Borhmentol, Omi, Driving south, Dakota, Shake &
Bake and Jānis Stībelis, Ingus Ulmanis & Aigars Voitišķis,  Raimonds
Macats, Olga Pirags, Autobus debesīs, PitsAndersons, Raimonds Pauls,
Aparāts, Circus of Riga, Latvian national theater, Latvian national
simphonic orchestra, Kaspars Dimiters, Deniss Paškevičs, Skygroove,
Inga Bērziņa, Rīgas kamermūziķi and Normunds Šnē, Frans van der
Hoeven, Japser Bloom, Marc van Roon, Janet Lawson, Boris Gammer, Eric
Boeren, Wilbert de Jode, Franky Douglas, Paul Pallesen, Yasmin
Kedar,MisBond, Cesar Latorre trio,Thomsen group, Desiderio Lazaro
quintet, Margo Klerx, Andy Arnold trio, Sicilian clan,  Thomas Bekhuis
experience, The Cockatoos, Philharmonic funk foundation,Modest
Midget,Lonny Ziblat,Martin Zand Scholten, Thys van Leer, Boele
Weemhoff, Joy Wielkens, Arpi Farkas, SoulBrasileiro, Vladimir Spisiak
quartet, Mariska de Wilde & Anke Timmer,Dimitar Bodurov, Margriet
Sjoerdsma, Wauter Hammel,The History of Dynamite, Luidas
Mockunas,Philip Walkate,David Uzhaki, Kobi Farhi,The TrueBaDoors, Wim
Weinhof, Anthonio Hart, Michael Moosman, Jasper Bloom, David
Marks,Steve Waitt, Liz Clark,Dimitris Pantelias,Petras
Vysniauskas,Domynikas Vysniauskas,The Clipsters,Torben Pugard, Mogus
Andersen, Raymond Munencomp, Ed Boekee, Wouter Penris Gravpop, Eline
Gemerts, Lilian D Jackson, Steef Cuipers, Bas van Lier, Christian
Frank,Claus Kaarsgaard,Funk Theraphy, Dinamic, Jusstone, Sophie
Bernado,The Hollgerson, Nikolaj Bentzon, Signe Juhl and many more.


Participant of different competitions :
Sinepes un medus 1998 ( Omi - best debue )
Sinepes un medus 1999 ( Driving south  - best guitar player )
Liepājas dzintars 2001 ( Driving south - grand prix )
Holland casino award 2007 ( Vladimir Spisiak quatret -  1'st place )
YPF 2007 (  Cesar Latorre trio  - 2'nd place )
Hoeilaart international jazz competition 2008 ( Cesar Latorre trio -2'nd place )


Participant of different festivals :
Sinepes un medus ( LV )
Liepājas dzintars ( LV)
Jhonnie Walker blues festival (LV)
Pelican blues festival ( LV )
Sigulda Jazz ( LV )
Rigas Ritmi ( LV )
Saulkrasti jazz ( LV )
Bildes (LV )
NEU/NOW Live ( EST )
Tallin blues festival ( EST )
Bluiza naktys ( LT )
Notodden blues festival ( NO )
Tudengi jazz festival ( EST )
Den Hague jazz ( NL )
Bingen swingt ( DE )
Jazz fiets tour ( NL )
Zante jazz ( GR )


Performed in :
Spain, Portugal, France, Italy, Germany, Poland, Denmark, Norway,
Sweden, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Russia, Slovakia, Belgium,
Holland, Greece, Israel.


Selected discography :
1998.  Hap cats lives nine lives - Dr Borhmentol.
2000.  ZZZ - Aparāts
2002.  Vēl tuvāk - Ingus Ulmanis & Aigars Voitišķis
2002.  Domā par mani - Autobus debesis
2004.  4 am - Skygroove
2004.  Lielgabals un zvirbulis - Aparāts
2008   Day's delight - Margo Klerx
2008.  Bloom -  Margriet Sjoerdsma.
2009.  The History of Dynamite.
2010.  The book of Revelation - DPTrio.
2010.  Fast forward  - Cesar Latorre trio.
2012.  Outlook - Frank/Pashkevich quartet

2012.  The weaver-Spiral vortex trio

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