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 This is the story of 3 friends who, while dedicated in the cause of making music in different lands, came together and created Spiral Vortex Trio and the iconoclastic cd recording "The Weaver".


It is mid April 2011 and overcoming natural and supernatural obstacles, Dimitris Pantelias (saxes), Artis Orubs (traps) and Marcel Kroemker (contrabass) , fulfill a very succesfull two-week tour in the Baltic states, playing original compositions of the saxophonist.

Like a natural consequence, in August 2012  the music was rearranged especially for the trio and then recorded by the incredible Ivars Ozols at Sound Division Studios in Riga,Latvia.


In the recording the energy and artistry of  this trio reveal themselves in eight compositions that create space for personal or group expansions and also work as vessels for awe inspiring improvisations by the three musicians. The listener will have the experience of a unique and pure sound delivered by saxophone,

drums + several percussion (aka "traps") and contrabass, that are moving through uneven grooves, strong melodies, flowing harmonies, free and on form improvisations in a most energetic and emotionally charged manner. It is an invitation for a travel to the unknown universe of feelings and dimensions that music can unlock.


Experiencing and evoking feelings, that will eventually lead us to numerus and adventurus pathways, by practising the art of music and sharing it with others, is the essence of this band. Thus, "The Weaver" is only the beginning in a long line of explorations and discoveries for the trio.


Spiral Vortex Trio is available for concerts throughout the world-

feel free to contact us for additional info & bookings.

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